Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cornbread and Beans Pie

Nothing beats fried potatoes, beans, and cornbread on a cold winter day, except maybe fried potatoes and Cornbread and Beans Pie.  I found this recipe a few weeks ago and tried it out on the family.  It was a hit.  I made it again today and changed it up a bit.  Here my version of it. 

Now as I said in my first post, I will not be a short order cook.  I do not see how this will benefit my kids , but that being said I also will not set them up for failure either.  My philosophy is to give them at least one or two things in the meal I know they like and will eat.  Also I will not give them things that are too spicy as the girls seem to be very sensitive, tummy-wise.  I will give you the actual recipe but I am also going to tell you how I cooked this for my family. 

I buy my meat in bulk, bring it home, and split it up myself into 3/4 lb baggies.  On almost all recipes I use 3/4 lb instead of the typical 1 lb that it calls for, to stretch the dollar just a bit.  I will usually add more beans, veggies, or rice to fill up the meal in place of the meat I skip. 

I started off browning 3/4 lb of ground beef in a skillet.  Then I added an envelope of mild taco seasoning, 1 cup of canned corn (drained), half of a can of pinto beans (drained and rinsed), (I put the remaining pinto beans and canned corn aside for the girls dinner), and a can of sweet onion ranch style beans.

Transfer the bean and meat mix from the skillet to a 9.5-10in pie pan that has been sprayed with cooking spray.  Top with 1 cup of cheese.  In a separate bowl mix I cornbread mix, 1/2 cup of milk, I know the box says 1/3 cup just trust me on this one, and one egg.  Mix well then pour over your layer of cheese.

Place in the oven for 15-20 minutes until cornbread is golden.  Now I have not forgot about the extra beans and corn we set aside for the babies.  Here's what I did with it.  I placed a scoop of the finished pie in the bowl and mixed it all up.  So, they still ate the same thing we did but it was a bit milder for their little tummies.

Cornbread and Beans Pie

Time: 30 minutes total (15 minutes cook time)    Serves: 6-8

3/4 lb ground beef
1 can ranch style beans
1/2 can pinto beans, drained and rinsed (optional)
1 cup canned or frozen corn, drained
1 envelope taco seasoning
1 cup of shredded cheese
1 box Jiffy cornbread mix
1/2 cup milk
1 egg

1.  Brown 3/4 lb of ground beef in a skillet. 

2.  Add  taco seasoning, corn, and beans to skillet. 

3.  Heat mixture then transfer to a 9.5-10 inch pie pan that has been sprayed with cooking spray. 

4.  Top mixture with 1 cup of shredded cheese. 

5.  In a separate bowl mix cornbread mix, milk, and egg.  Pour over cheese layer. 

6.  Bake at 375 degree for 15-20 minutes or until cornbread is golden brown.


  1. Love the idea on how to make it milder...and the potatoes look yummy! Glad you like it!

  2. Thank you. The whole family loves this recipe (which is a big accomplishment) thank you for the inspirations!

  3. Made this for supper~everyone really enjoyed it. I have 'cooking phobia' ; but this was very easy, and very delish! :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wonderful, so glad you and your crew liked it. I love cooking, but I also love easy recipes.


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