Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My first post :)

Hello everyone!  I am excited to get started in sharing what I know as far as feeding your family (and I might add in a few other things from time to time).  I hope you find my site beneficial, fun, and exciting.  I am going to use this post to tell you a little bit more about my family and I.

I am a stay-at-home and home schooling momma to three wonderful children  Anthony (7) and twin girls Elizabeth and Isabelle (1).  I grew up with my mom being a short order cook.  I abused that through my childhood.  I remember her making things that I did not like and then making me something different also.  I was a very picky child and still have some problems with it.  I am trying my best not to pass that on to my children.  In my adulthood I have made a decision to be more open to new foods, and foods I do not care for.  I have come a long way since meeting my husband he has changed me for the better in this aspect and gotten me to try many things I never would before.  My son was a very picky eater, but finally is getting better through persistence and trial and error.  He is a bean-pole by nature and has the "eat to live" not "live to eat" mentality, I am the opposite unfortunately.  The girls are really great eaters especially for their age, but are complete opposites on what they prefer.  Isabelle loves meats (except eggs) and fruits.  She is difficult to "talk" into trying something new, though she will try new things better if it comes from Daddy or Grammy than me.  Elizabeth is a lover of all carbs and she is great with her veggies.  This girl will also try just about anything at least once.  She is so funny with textures though, I think that is part of her problem with meat.  And for the record my husband, Matthew, is wonderfully supportive of anything I cook, we lovingly call him the family garbage disposable with the iron stomach.  There are only two things I've found this man not to like (so far) and that is potato soup and mushrooms.  I am not a big fan of eating fungi myself and not a huge soup fan so these are absolutely no problem for me to avoid in my meals.  And to top it all off he is not just a good eater he is a great critic.  He is fast to applaud and cheer the meals that he eats, almost always giving rave reviews and occasionally ideas for what could make it better (but in a supportive not condemning way).

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